As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I’ve been trained to see problems systemically. Even when seeing an individual, I conceptualize situations in terms of the contexts and systems surrounding the client: family-of-origin, friend relationships, romantic relationships, work or school environments, socioeconomic status, etc. Not only does this allow me to see the entire scope of a client’s issues, but also how these systems might be exacerbating a client’s presenting problems.

If we can create change within a system, there will undoubtedly be change within the individual, and vice versa. 

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I’m a true enneagram 9 which basically means I love everything peaceful and cozy: nature, candles, lavender, blankets, coffee, good music, quality time etc. It also means that I love cultivating relatonships. I thrive on connection, and love making others feel welcomed and accepted in my presence. It’s no wonder, as a peacemaker, and a lover of people, that I gravitated toward the field of counseling - I guess you could say it’s in my DNA to spread peace and unity throughout the world.



60 Minute Session
Teleheath or In-Office

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couples & families

60 Minute Session
Teleheath or In-Office

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Christian counseling
Self-esteem & identity issues Relationship issues
Post-divorce counseling
Life transitions
Premarital counseling
Teen & parent issues

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My Approach

I want clients to feel a sense of belonging when they step into my office. I want them to know that no matter what they share with me, my acceptance of them will not waver. From there, I use an eclectic mix of evidence-based therapy models, and integrate biblical, Christian counseling to guide my clients toward their personal goals.

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